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Mingulay is the second largest of the Bishop's Isles in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. It is known for its important seabird populations, including puffins, black-legged kittiwakes, and razorbills, which nest in the sea-cliffs, amongst the highest in the British Isles. On the journey to the islands you may be lucky enough to see dolphins or basking sharks.

Lying just south of Barra, the islands boast spectacular coastal landscapes. To the west lie rugged cliffs, caves, sea stacks and promontories; in the east, green grassy slopes, white sandy bays and turquoise seas. 

The islands are also fascinating for the mementos they hold of the people who once lived on them. Mingulay and Pabbay have been uninhabited since 1912, Berneray since 1980, with abandoned dwellings the only trace of the communitys who lived here many years ago.

There are the remains of an Iron Age Fort on Mingulay. There is one large beach on the eastern side of Mingulay where the only settlement of note (The Village) was located and a tiny cove at Skipsdale. Only two building survive on the island - the School House and the Chapel House. 

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